June 28, 2008

Kevin Lacroix will start from the first line

Drivers of the Atlantic series were on track today for their two qualifying sessions at the Circuit du Mont-Tremblant. Kevin Lacroix mastered the second session by taking the pole position in the rain. This result gives a place on the first line for the start race scheduled at 1 PM tomorrow.

Kevin was pretty disappointed of his 5th place at the end of the first qualifying session. The track conditions went from dry to wet during the whole session. “I managed the 5th time this morning, but it could’ve been better or worse,” says Kevin. “It rained, the then track dried before it rained again. It all depended when you were on the track and the tires you had. If you were on the track at the right time with the proper tires, you could clock an excellent time, but the opposite was also possible. Therefore, a 5th didn’t mean much.”

The second session started under a full course yellow because of the rain that was falling on the track. In such conditions, all the drivers were aware that they wouldn’t able to better the times recorded in the morning. The session’s only goal was to grab the pole to guarantee a start on the first line for the race.

Kevin knows how the place on the starting grid is crucial at the Circuit du Mont-Tremblant. “The session started behind the pace car to make sure the track wasn’t too dangerous and that there weren’t any major puddles,” explains Kevin. “We then got the green flag before the session started. My only goal was to get the pole in order to start tomorrow’s race from the first line on the grid. I was eighth with only about ten minutes left in the session when I was called in the pits to make some setup adjustments. Before I came in, I was on a fast lap and I was told that I had the second best time. I told the team that I wanted to keep going since the car was handling well and I believed I could do better. I got the “OK” and scored the pole on the following lap with more than two seconds over my previous lap time. The track conditions kept on improving and I stayed on track. I did a few more laps while recording better times with each passing and ended up on pole. In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t pit, I really wanted to start the race from the first line and I made it!” concludes the visibly happy young driver.

The race will start at 1 PM tomorrow. The weather forecasts for chances of rain and thundershowers. “I’d like rain for tomorrow, we were very fast under these conditions and I’m positive we could get good results during the race,” says Kevin.

As it was the case last year, the drivers won’t have to negotiate the first chicane on the first lap in order to avoid collisions. I’m starting for the outside line but it’s not a big disadvantage since there isn’t a lot of rubber on the race line,” explains Kevin. “Furthermore, I will be able to stay on the outside line longer since we do not take the first chicane on the first lap, then I might be able to surprise the lead car in the first breaking zone.”

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